What is Complementary & Alternative Care?

Complementary and alternative care involves treatments and therapies that are used alongside traditional cancer treatments. These include a variety of non-medical and non-traditional approaches, such as acupuncture, mindfulness techniques, herbal supplements, and massage therapy.

What types of complementary and alternative therapies are offered at Unique Hospital Cancer Centre?

1. Acupuncture: using thin needles to stimulate specific points on the body to alleviate pain, nausea, and other side effects of cancer treatment.

2. Mind-Body Techniques: These include practices like meditation, yoga, and guided imagery, which can help reduce stress, improve emotional well-being and overall quality of life.

3. Nutritional Therapy: Our team of dieticians works closely with patients to create personalized nutrition plans to support their treatment and boost their immune system.

4. Herbal Supplements: We offer guidance on the use of safe and effective herbal supplements to support your body’s natural healing process.

5. Massage Therapy: Our skilled therapists provide specialized massage techniques to relieve pain, stress, and improve overall well-being.

Complementary and alternative care can be used at different stages of your cancer treatment journey. Some therapies, like acupuncture and massage therapy, can be used during or after cancer treatment to alleviate pain and side effects. Others, like nutritional therapy and herbal supplements, can be used to boost your immune system and support your body during treatment.

At Unique Hospital Cancer Centre, we pride ourselves on providing the best care for cancer patients. Our medical oncologists, hematologist oncologists, and other specialists work together to create personalized treatment plans based on each patient’s unique cancer. We also utilize the latest technology and cutting-edge treatments to ensure the best outcomes for our patients.

Moreover, our center is recognized as one of the top-rated daycare centers in Delhi, with a dedicated cancer daycare facility. This allows patients to receive treatment in a comfortable and convenient environment, with the support of our experienced and compassionate staff.

The length and frequency of complementary and alternative care vary depending on the therapy and the patient’s needs. Our team will work with you to create a personalized plan that fits into your treatment schedule and goals.

At Unique Hospital Cancer Centre, we are committed to supporting our patients in their fight against cancer. Our complementary and alternative care services are designed to improve your well-being and aid in your recovery. Trust us to provide you with the best care and join our mission to eliminate cancer.

Lab & Imaging Services at Unique Hospital Cancer Centre

Lab & Imaging Services at Unique Hospital Cancer Centre are an essential component of our comprehensive cancer care. They are an integral part of the diagnosis, staging, and monitoring of cancer patients. With the most advanced technology and a team of highly skilled professionals, we offer top-notch lab and imaging services to ensure accurate and timely results.

Lab & Imaging Services include a range of diagnostic tests and procedures that are used to detect, diagnose, and monitor cancer. These services involve the use of various imaging techniques, such as MRI, CT scans, X-rays, and lab tests, to identify any abnormalities in the body and determine the type and stage of cancer.

At Unique Hospital Cancer Centre, we offer a wide range of Lab & Imaging Services, including:
1. Diagnostic Imaging: This includes various imaging techniques such as MRI, CT scans, PET scans, and ultrasound to help in the diagnosis and staging of cancer.

2. Laboratory Tests: Our state-of-the-art laboratory is equipped with the latest technology to provide accurate and timely results for blood tests, genetic tests, tumor marker tests, and more.

3. Biopsy: This involves the removal of a small tissue sample from the affected area for further analysis and diagnosis.

4. Endoscopy: This procedure involves the insertion of a thin tube with a camera into the body to view internal organs and tissues.

Lab & Imaging Services are typically recommended by the medical oncologist at different stages of cancer treatment. These services can be used for diagnosis, staging, monitoring treatment response, and follow-up care.

At Unique Hospital Cancer Centre, we understand that timely and accurate diagnosis is crucial for effective cancer treatment. That is why we have invested in the latest technology and highly skilled professionals to provide the best Lab & Imaging Services to our patients. Our team, led by Dr. Ashish Gupta, a USA-Board Certified Oncologist, has decades of experience in diagnosing and treating various types of cancer. We also offer alternative and complementary therapies, making us one of the top-rated cancer day care centers in Delhi.

The duration of Lab & Imaging Services can vary depending on the type of test or procedure being performed. Some tests may take only a few minutes, while others may require more time for preparation and results. Our team will provide you with all the necessary information about the specific services you will be receiving, including the estimated time.

Lab & Imaging Services at Unique Hospital Cancer Centre are crucial for accurate diagnosis, staging, and monitoring of cancer. With our commitment to personalized and precise care, using the latest technology and protocols, we stand as a symbol of hope for cancer patients. Our renowned team of physicians and decades of experience make us a top choice for cancer treatment in Delhi. For more information or to schedule an appointment, please contact us today.

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